Clever Tricks for Hotels That Will Improve Any Vacation

Embarking on a trip, whether for work or leisure, involves spending considerable time in your hotel room, where a poor experience can tarnish your entire journey. Therefore, here are 50 ingenious tips to elevate your hotel stay and save you money in the process. From mitigating unwanted noise to safeguarding against unsanitary items, let’s explore these clever strategies.

Eradicate Germ Havens

One often overlooked germ hotspot in hotel rooms is the TV remote control. Rarely receiving the thorough cleaning that linens do, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria from countless previous users.

Reddit/ Nwa1348

A simple fix? Encase the remote in a shower cap or a plastic bag to avoid direct contact.

Simplify Light Control

Twitter/ Jay Harris

The constant hassle of using a room key card to activate lights is unnecessary. Most people don’t realize that any card of similar size, such as an expired credit card or a metro pass, can function in its place.

Insert it into the slot, and enjoy uninterrupted light access.

Prevent Toiletry Spills

Nothing sours a trip faster than toiletry leaks in your luggage. A straightforward solution involves placing a small plastic bag over the bottle opening before securing the cap.

Reddit/ Brett Riverboat

This technique ensures a leak-free journey.

Discover an Improvised Bottle Opener

After a long day, you might crave a refreshing beverage only to find there’s no bottle opener available.

Reddit/ rlanthony

A quick fix? Leverage the door closer or any sturdy metal object in your room to pop open the bottle.

Reduce Noise Intrusion

Traveling during peak seasons may mean staying in bustling hotels where noise is a given.


To lessen the sound, stuff an extra towel beneath the door gap, effectively dampening external noise and promoting a serene environment.

Keep the Door Ajar Conveniently

Frequent trips to and from your room with luggage and companions can become cumbersome, especially with a constantly closing door.


A handy solution? Secure the door open using a hanger from the closet, simplifying the process of moving your belongings.

Achieve Total Darkness for Sleep

Light pollution from the city can hinder sleep for those accustomed to darkness.

Trip Advisor

An effective remedy involves using a pants hanger from the closet to clamp the curtains shut, blocking out intrusive light and creating an ideal sleeping ambiance.

Budget-friendly Extended Stays

If you’re planning a prolonged visit to a new destination, informing the hotel in advance can lead to substantial savings.


Negotiate for discounts, understanding that hotels prefer the stability of long-term guests over the uncertainty of short stays.

Independently Seek Recommendations

While hotel staff suggestions can be helpful, independent research is advisable. Staff might have vested interests, such as commissions or personal business affiliations. To ensure genuine experiences, rely on your own findings.


By implementing these strategies, not only can you enhance your hotel stay, but also protect your health, comfort, and wallet, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Banishing Dry Air from Your Stay

For those who find hotel rooms too arid, enhancing the humidity is a simple fix.


Position a wet towel on a drying rack and place it near the heating unit. This makeshift humidifier will add much-needed moisture to the air.

Solving Forgotten Essentials

Packing oversights happen, but there’s no need for panic or unnecessary purchases.


Most hotel front desks can supply commonly forgotten items like hair straighteners or nail clippers, so just ask.

A Cautionary Tale About Luggage

A common yet risky habit is placing luggage on the bed upon arrival.


This could invite unwanted guests like bed bugs to your sleeping area, potentially ruining your hotel experience.

Smart Room Service Usage

Frequent travelers often suggest moderate use of room service to keep costs in check.


For economical dining, consider bringing items like instant noodles that can be prepared with the room’s coffee maker, or portable cooking gadgets for easy meals.

Maximizing Travel Rewards

Utilizing travel rewards credit cards is wise for accruing universal miles.


These points can be converted into hotel loyalty points, offering free stays and enhanced travel experiences.

The Toasty Butter Trick

Struggling with hard butter on your morning toast is no longer an issue.


Warm it by placing it atop the toaster for a moment after your bread is ready, ensuring it spreads smoothly.

Discovering the Shower Cap’s Potential

Often overlooked, the humble shower cap can protect your clothing from dirty footwear.


Encase your shoes in the cap to keep your luggage clean.

A Little Tip Goes a Long Way

While saving is great, a small tip can significantly enhance your service experience.


A modest gratuity at check-in can lead to unexpected upgrades and improved service.

Notify of Special Occasions

Informing your hotel of any special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries can lead to pleasant surprises,


such as upgrades or special deals, adding an extra touch of celebration to your stay.

Hygienic Toothbrush Storage

Without a designated toothbrush holder, maintaining cleanliness can be challenging.


A quick solution involves slicing a paper cup to create a sanitary stand, ensuring your toothbrush remains germ-free.

Navigating Hotel Issues with Grace

Mistakes happen, but when hotel services fall short, don’t shy away from voicing your concerns.


For example, a lack of hot water or poor room service warrants a polite complaint, which might lead to a discount or other forms of compensation from the hotel management.

Seeking the Perfect Room

If tipping at the front desk isn’t your style or doesn’t yield results, inquire about alternative room options.


Hotels often allocate their less desirable rooms first, so you might score a superior room at no extra cost simply by asking.

Steering Clear of Bed Bug Nightmares

Hotel bedding can be a hidden menace, despite regular washing.


To minimize risks, it’s advisable to stow away the bedspread, reducing potential exposure to bed bugs.

Banishing Bathroom Mirror Fog

A foggy mirror can be a nuisance, especially when trying to shave.


A quick fix involves lightly rubbing a bar of soap over the mirror’s surface, followed by buffing with a dry cloth, preventing fog formation.

Leveraging the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign

Utilize the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign not just for uninterrupted relaxation but also to deter potential thieves by giving the impression that the room is occupied.


Scouting for Superior Hotel Deals

Even after booking, continue scouting for superior hotel deals.


With refundable bookings, there’s nothing to lose, and you might find a better offer, ensuring your initial reservation as a fallback.

Embrace Homemade Meals

There’s a unique satisfaction in preparing your own meals, especially after tiring of hotel fare.


Visit a nearby store for easy-to-prepare snacks, like ramen that can be made using the room’s coffee maker.

Exploring Hotel Credit Card Perks

Travel expert Matt Kepnes suggests exploring hotel credit cards for their sign-up bonuses,


potentially offering savings on future stays.

Safeguarding Your Valuables

While vacationing offers a chance to unwind, remember to secure your valuables like wallets,


keys, and phones by keeping them with you.

Stay Informed on Price Drops

Leverage technology to stay updated on hotel price reductions.


Various apps can alert you to price drops, saving you the hassle of manual searches.

Accommodating Extra Guests

For family trips where bed space is at a premium, request an extra cot from the hotel,

Walking on Travels

creating additional sleeping arrangements without fuss.

A Wrinkle-Free Wardrobe

Instead of ironing, hang your clothes in the bathroom while showering.


The steam will help remove wrinkles, offering a simple solution to keeping your attire crisp

Revolutionize Your Travel Experience with These Innovative Tips

Power Up with Your TV

Forgot your charging adapter? No stress.

Many overlook the USB port on the hotel TV, a perfect makeshift charger for your devices, saving you the hassle and expense of buying a new adapter abroad.

Hydrate Smartly

The cost of bottled water adds up quickly while traveling.


Combat this by carrying a refillable water bottle, ensuring you stay hydrated without the extra cost.

Pack with Precision

Avoid the common regret of leaving essentials behind by packing the night before your departure.


This foresight ensures a smooth start to your journey.

Sidestep Laundry Costs

Traveling, especially with kids, often means laundry needs.


Bypass the pricey hotel laundry service by washing clothes in your room’s sink, a simple and cost-effective solution.

Business Hotels: A Hidden Gem

Travel experts tout business hotels for their superior deals compared to mainstream options,


a tip worth noting for your European travels.

Currency Savvy

Utilizing local currency often unlocks discounts. If using a travel card,


ensure it offers reasonable conversion rates without hefty foreign transaction fees.

A Chat with the Manager Could Mean an Upgrade

Experienced a service slip-up?


A polite conversation with the hotel manager might just secure you a superior room as compensation.

Guaranteed Best Rates

Opt for booking platforms that promise the lowest rates,


potentially rewarding you with complimentary nights or discounts after multiple stays.

Leverage Reviews for Better Rates

Hinting at leaving a review could be a tactful way to negotiate room rates,


presenting it as a mutually beneficial exchange.

Don’t Leave Your HDMI Cable Behind

Save on entertainment costs by streaming your favorite content via your laptop,


facilitated by bringing along an HDMI cable.

Secure Your Stay

Neglecting to book your hotel in advance is a missed opportunity for snagging great deals,


so make use of booking sites to economize both time and resources.

Request Kitchenware

For a more homely dining experience, follow seasoned traveler Rhoni Speed’s advice and request dishes in your room, simplifying meal times.


Secure Your Online Presence

Use public Wi-Fi safely by activating your firewall and employing antivirus software, safeguarding your digital footprint.


DIY Breakfasts Save Money

Avoid pricey room service by preparing breakfast in-room. An iron, some bread, and jelly can transform into a makeshift toaster for a simple morning meal.


Channel Ross Geller’s Savviness

Emulate Ross from “Friends” by making the most of hotel amenities.


A quick call to the front desk can often secure those extra comforts at no additional cost.

Smart Booking with Private Browsing

When booking hotels or flights, switch to private browsing to prevent price hikes triggered by cookies tracking your search history.


Opt for Airport-Proximity Accommodations

For early flights, consider a last-minute hotel booking near the airport.


It’s often cheaper and allows for extra rest before your journey.

Double-Check Door Locks

Beyond the “Do Not Disturb” sign, ensure your room’s door is locked to avoid unintended intrusions by guests or housekeeping.


Request a Corner Room

Corner rooms often offer more space.


A polite request might secure this upgrade, enhancing your stay with just a friendly inquiry.

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