You Are What Your Nails Reveal

Be it the Pink painted, well shaped, long nails, or the trim and short, square ones, or even the blunt and bald pinhead tips, nails speak volumes about you as an individual — neat, unkempt or simply shabby!

Be it the mega event you are participating in or the big fat wedding ceremony, be it a business meet or just any other day, nails require neither reason nor timing to be perfect! They just have to be presentable at all times, and all days.

Nails reveal your disposition, play a prominent role in making that first impression, clinching the all important business deal or even reminding your of the state of your health at the moment.

Whether you are the shabby and disorganized type, or the suave and polished types, if you are the creative and outgoing or simply shy and reticent, can be gauged through your nails! You may have the best of the dresses and accessories, but if your nails are unclean, everything else takes a backseat.

What is your nail like? What does your nail tell about who you are and how you relate :

People with Broad Nails

People with broad nails are known to be open-minded and relaxed. They are easygoing and handle stress with aplomb. An optimistic attitude and extreme loyalty constitute this bunch of people.

People with Long, Narrow Nails

Those with long, narrow, round shaped nails, come across as gentle, with a strong aesthetic sense. These people are highly romantic and believe in extreme loyalty to those who they consider close. These people are seen in professions that do not require strenuous physical exertion, and have a pleasant dressing sense.

People with Bitten Nails

Those with bitten nails come across as nervous, diffident and people with a low self esteem. They are unable to construct thoughts well, and think deep into any matter that touches them personally. All the more, tension causes them to bite nails and a harmless alternative for instance, counting to ten or deep breathing, may help them overcome the habit.

People with Short Nails

Those who keep their nails short, are known to be analytical in nature. They are known to give their best to everything they do, hence, are also known to their friends as perfectionists. They can easily become intolerant at times; however, they regain their cool just as easily and are happy-go-lucky by nature.

While hands with good looking and healthy nails can be a pleasure to behold, and can make a lasting impression, They also reveal lots about ones health. Take a look at your fingernails. Are they strong and healthy-looking? Or do you see white marks at the tips, indicating calcium deficiency? The condition of your nails may offer clues to your general health. Illness can cause changes in your nails that your doctor can use to develop a diagnose. If anything goes wrong with our bodies-the signs can be seen in the color and texture of our nails.

There is more to healthy and pink nails than regular manicures and pedicures. It’s more to do with your diet and nutrition. How?

Diet :

– Firstly, a well balanced diet is the key to healthy, strong, pink nails. Fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, fruit juices and regular meals will provide you with the essential nutrients required to maintain the health of nails. There is no one nutrient that takes care of nails in totality. Nails require everything in optimal portions.
– Lack of Vitamin A and Calcium can lead to dryness and brittleness of nails.
– Lack of proteins causes white bands to appear on nails.
– Insufficient zinc can cause development of white spots on nails.
– A deficiency of Folic acid and vitamin C can lead to hangnails.

Things you can do :

Stop biting and let them grow

Yes, some childhood habits do get tough to give up, but if this is getting tougher, then it would never be easy to get healthy nails. Now you decide which side of the fence you want to be are on? But know that even if you don’t bite your nails, placing them in contact with saliva weakens the nail. This is because fingernails are a hard protein substance, but they are not impervious to the caustic nature of saliva.

Trim your nails regularly

This small little 10 minute task can actually give you an everlasting impression. Regular trimming of nails, may be twice a week, can keep them in the right shape, keep them from haphazard growth and keep them neat and tidy.

Start at the same length
Keep all your nails, the same length so that they start growing simultaneously and look equal and standard.

Our exclusive tips for healthy nails :

– Whenever you wash your hands, ensure washing your nails too. Remove the dirt with your other nails and ensure they are clean when you have wiped your hands.
– Wear gloves when you are on a cleaning spree so as to keep them safe and strong.
– Moisturize your nails with warm olive oil thrice a week. This will keep your nails nourished and your hands soft and supple.
– Select well known, branded nail enamels and removers and let your nails remain enamel free for at least two days a week as your nails need to “breathe.” If the enamel remains onto the nails for a longer time, it weakens the natural texture of the nails and causes them to become weak.
– File your nails gently. Move the file along the edge of the nail, and move in one direction only, to prevent splitting and cracking. Use a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles, this encourages nail growth.
– For those who have weak, brittle nails, one calcium tablet every day is a must as calcium deficiency causes nails to become fragile and breakable.
– If you want to give a natural sheen to your nails, rub petroleum jelly on your nails.

So, the next time think twice before putting your fingers into your mouth and before venturing out with shabby, unkempt nail. Instead, stay healthy and let your nails talk for you!