Easy Hairstyle Ideas for Lazy Days

Looking for simple hairstyles for lazy days? You’ll notice that many of these hairstyles are labeled “messy”. That’s because some days I’m in a hurry and all I want to do is use dry shampoo, toss my hair up and go. These cute, easy hairstyles are perfect for lazy days, fancy dates, or when you’re running late and rushing out the door. Here are 10 easy hairstyles for lazy days:

Half-Up Crown Braid

Pretty like a princess without any problems? Start with a center parting and grab a strand of hair close to your hairline. Start braiding this, angling it back and down slightly and secure. Repeat on the opposite side. Pull braids behind your head, close the base of your skull and layer them. Hide the ends of the braids by tucking them in and pinning them in place.