8 Tips to Relieve Back Pain For Women

Around 8 out of each 10 individuals will suffer from back pain, at one point or the other, in their lives.

In particular, ladies are very susceptible to back problems as when compared with men. There are a number of reasons why this is the case.

To begin with, they usually tend to carry along outrageously heavy purses. Going through pregnancy can also trigger back pain, and the act of giving your young children won’t help matters either.

Well, if you are suffering from back pain, below are some few tips on how you can resolve this issue.

1. Settle for a recliner

Recliners for back pain sufferers can be especially practical solutions for those experiencing this condition. By reclining, you will always be resting your spine.

Also, a reclining position is much better than sitting up straight. This is due to the fact that you will still be contracting your muscles while in the latter position.

Many physicians also tend to recommend recliners to those ladies who experience pregnancy induced back pain. However, it is always prudent to settle for only high quality recliners when you make the decision to use one.

Generally speaking, be on the lookout for a perfect blend of support and comfort. You should also choose a recliner that can adequately assist you with the exact back complaint you may be experiencing. For instance, if have chronic back pain, a recliner which offers good lumbar support and lightly elevates the legs can be ideal.

If you have pinched muscles, a recliner that has a low footstool and offers a firm lower back support is appropriate.

For those with strained muscles, recliners which are extremely soft and offer excellent lumbar support are ideal.

There are also massaging recliners that are designed to massage the back. These products come with vibrations that are meant to imitate a real massage. While many of them feature heating elements, which are designed to gently warm your muscles.

2. Try to lighten your overall load

If the weight of your purse is much higher than 10% of your own weight, then it is certainly too heavy for your back’s comfort. Ideally, pick a purse that has a long strap, which will allow you to position it across your chest, just like a messenger bag.

If you perhaps cannot give up your short strapped purse, then endeavor to switch your shoulders after each 20 minutes.

3. Try to sleep right

Unlike what you might have previously believed, a hard bed may not be the right solution for your aching back.

A recent survey published in Spine revealed that those who sleep on soft beds report lesser back pain than those who use harder beds.

When it comes to pillows, always ensure they never raise your head out of alignment with your spinal cord.

4. Try to tighten your abs

Possessing robust core muscles, particularly the abs, can come in very handy in assisting in the protection of your back from sustaining injury.

To help you tighten your abs in a stress-free manner, you can execute this core strengthening pelvic tilt at least twice each week.

Lie on your back, with your knees bent, feet flattened on the floor and your lower back also flattened. Then proceed to pull in your bellybutton towards the spine, while contracting your abs and lifting pelvis slightly off the floor.

5. Stretching exercises alleviate back pain

The right stretching exercises can better align your pelvis and stretch the muscles found in the lower back and rear end regions. You can try out the following one to keep back pain at bay.

Lie flat on your back with your toes pointed upwards. Start to slowly bend any of your knees and then pull the leg up to your chest. Wrap your arm around the knee and gently pull it towards your chest. Hold the position for not less than 20 seconds. You can repeat the exercise 3 times for each leg.

6. Always aim to achieve good posture

Sitting at your desk for long periods of time (8 hours and over) is the perfect recipe for back pain. So, always try to integrate ideal posture while you are working.

When positioned in front of your desk, always sit with your back firmly pressed against the chair.

If the chair you use cannot permit this, you can then utilize a lumbar pillow. At the same time, both of your feet should be positioned flat on the floor. Alternatively, you can use a stability ball to serve as your desk chair.

7. Eat more vitamin K

Besides calcium, you need plenty of vitamin K in your diet if you wish to conquer back pain. Vitamin K is richly found in dark leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli.

In this particular regard, it works by helping make the calcium deposits found within your bones denser. The stronger your bones are, the stronger your entire body will be. This naturally means the less the likelihood of sustaining injuries that will trigger back pain.

8. Tips for pregnancy related back pain

As your baby grows bigger and bigger, your C.O.G starts to shift forwards. To avoid tumbling forwards, you will end up compensating by leaning back. Doing this will stiffen the muscles found within your lower back and usually leads to the kind of back pain that is linked with pregnancy.

To avoid it, you need to remember to integrate good posture. Always stand up straight and tall and stick your chest up. Keep your shoulders back and well relaxed and never try to lock your knees.

Additionally, wear low-heeled shoes with excellent arch support. You might wish to wear a maternity support belt that will offer extra support to your back. Finally, sleep on your back and not your side. You can also think of using support pillows between your bent knees, beneath the tummy and behind your back as you sleep.