5 Hygienic Mistakes That Women Make During The Summer That Can Affect Their Vaginal Health

We all love summer but that favorite season of ours can be hazardous for our intimate parts. Summer means more sweat production in different parts of the body, including the vagina and that equals more infections.

“Some women are more prone to vaginal infections. If this is you, your risk of getting one increases in the summer. Yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are the most common vaginal infections at any time of the year, however they are more common in the summer,” says  Dr. Andrea Randall, a gynecologist at Eisenhower Women’s Health in La Quinta, Calif.

The only way to prevent ending up with a vaginal infection during the summer is to have a great vaginal hygiene that will help your vagina stay dry and cool. Other ways to prevent it is to stop making some hygiene mistakes.


Here are the 5 hygienic mistakes that can make you end up with a vaginal infection during the summer:

1. Bad Menstrual Hygiene

It’s extremely important to have a great hygiene during your period, especially if it’s summer. We advise you to use tampons during the summer or if you use pads, change them frequently to keep your vagina dry.

“Use the most neutral products with the least amount of fragrances and chemicals to minimize itching and irritations,” explains Dr. Randall.

2. Douching

Women don’t need douching to clean their vagina since the vagina cleans herself with natural secretions. On the other hand, 20-40% women use vaginal douche. Dr, Randall explains that douching and soap only irritate the vagina and vulva which increases the risk of getting an infection.

“The vagina and the vulva should be cleaned with only warm water and white cotton washcloth. Do not douche because that way you’re washing off the good bacteria,” says Dr. Randall.

3. Non-Cotton Panties

Velvet and silk underwear might look sexy, but they retain moisture which might lead to getting vaginal infection.

“Cotton underwear or no underwear is preferable to let the vulvar skin breath. “
Unfortunately, your sexy underwear need to take a break during summer since it’s a trap for moisture and heat.

4. Grooming

Most women groom their lady parts before hitting the beach, but when is the perfect time to pluck those hairs. Waxing and shaving your lady parts, one day before exposing to salt water or the pool should be kept to a bare minimum.

“Properly moisturize your genital area before grooming. Use natural products like virgin olive oil,” says Dr. Randall.

5. Wet Bikini

Sitting in your soaking wet bikini isn’t a good idea because it will lead to growing yeast. Do not stay too long in a wet bikini if you don’t want to end up with a vaginal infection.

“Whatever promotes retention of heat and sweat can promote bacterial overgrowth and increase the likelihood for vaginitis and UTI,” says Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger, an urologist and Director of Urology at New York Urology Specialists.