5 Changes That Can Happen in Your Body if You Lift Your Legs For 20 Minutes А Day

Everyone lives at full speed! No one has enough time and that’s why people really appreciate exercises that don’t take much time and effort but are extremely effective. We have discovered that if you lift your legs for 20 minutes a day, you can significantly improve your mood and shake off the tiredness.

How to Lift Your Legs Correctly

Pick a comfortable spot near a wall and place a pillow under your lower back. Lift your legs up and stretch them along the wall. Your hands should be placed beside your body and relaxed. Stay in this position for 20 minutes.

Here are some of the changes that will happen in your body if you lift your legs for 20 minutes every day:

1. No more tiredness, when wearing high heels

Women love high heels but if wearing them all the time can affect their health. If you love wearing high heels, it’s great to find some time and lift your legs a bit. Once you get home, take off your favourite pair of high heels, lift your legs up and relax.

2. The feeling of heaviness in your legs will disappear

Poor blood circulation can cause heaviness and swelling. Poor blood flow can be caused by kidney or heart malfunction, unhealthy diet and excess weight. You need to discover the reason, if you constantly have swelling. If it happens once in a while, lifting your legs can improve your blood circulation.

3. Improved digestion

This exercise will improve the work of your stomach. If you lift up your legs for 20 minutes a day, your digestion will significantly improve and most nutrients you consume will be more quickly absorbed.

4. You won’t be stressed

While you’re in the position, you’ll breath in more air and you’ll feel more relaxed. This way, your body tissues get more oxygen and the blood circulation improves.

5. Your quality of sleep will improve

Unpleasant feeling in the legs, such as swelling, burning and goose bumps, can cause insomnia. Regular leg lifts will help you get rid of these symptoms and help you sleep better. Your sleep will become deeper and better and the brain will receive more oxygen.