15 things men DO NOT find attractive in women (OR women in men)

4. Being too touchy in public

There’s a big difference between sweet kisses in the park and make-out sessions in public. It’s understandable that a couple in love will kiss in public, but there are things that should happen out of the public’s eye.

5. Having poor hygiene

This goes without saying, but bad breath, dry lips, unbrushed teeth, dirty hair, long fingernails, body odor, dirty or wrinkled clothes or a scruffy beard are all bad ideas if you want to catch a mate.

6. Flirting with another person in front of your date

If you are with someone and then decide to get the attention of another person who you find attractive, don’t expect your partner to respect you. No one wants a partner with wandering eyes.

7. Fighting in public

Not being able to control your temper and getting angry in public for any reason is not attractive. In general, not being able to control your temper isn’t something most people are looking for in a partner.