15 things men DO NOT find attractive in women (OR women in men)

Many people were asked and many answers were given.Based on that here is a list of top 15 things that men don’t consider attractive in women :

1. Showing lots of skin

Even though many women (and men) have the false idea that you look sexier if you show more skin, it’s just not true. The more skin you show, the more desperate you look.

2. Having a dirty mouth

Swearing constantly is not attractive. It may come as a surprise but bad language is not seen as a symbol of rebellion or leadership. Instead, it sounds crass, rude and shows a lack of sophistication — all qualities the love of your life would rather pass by.

3. Talking badly about your family

Talking about how your mother is crazy and saying she never understands anything or mentioning how your brother is a bum, doesn’t attract anyone. Speak kindly about the people around you to attract a mate.

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