10 Cancer Symptoms You Can Not Ignore

There are signs and symptoms that can mean that you’re sick of cancer, and they should not to be ignored. Certain health changes can indicate the presence of cancer. Although this doesn’t mean that this diagnose is for sure, but you must consult a doctor about your symptoms.


Constant Coughing

Constant coughing, especially if you’re coughing blood, is definitely something to be worried about.
“ Constant coughing is not a sure sign that you have lung cancer, but it’s certainly something that has to be checked”, says doctor Theresa Bievers.

Constant Change in the Intestines

If you feel that you’re intestine don’t function the right way or your that your stool looks different, that can be a sign of intestinal cancer.
“This can mean that some sort of mass doesn’t allow the stool transit in the intestines”, says Dr. Bievers, adding that the person with these symptoms should do a colonoscopy.

Constant Change in the Bladder

“If you notice blood in your urine, that might be bladder or kidney cancer. Don’t panic. Visit a doctor and check yourself because it can also mean that you have an urinary tract infection”, says Dr. Bievers

Constant Unexplainable Pain

Most pains you feel aren’t a sign that you have cancer but if you’re constantly in pain you should visit the doctor.
“If you’re struggling with constant headache, you should definitely visit a doctor. Constant chest pain can indicate lung cancer and constant abdomen pain can indicate ovarian cancer”, explains Dr. Bievers.

Your Moles Change

Not all moles are cancer indicators, but if the change their appearance you must consult with a doctor.

Wound That Doesn’t Heal

If you have a wound that doesn’t heals for three visit, visit the doctor immediately.
“Your body can heal wounds, and if your boy can’t heal the wound for three weeks then you must do a checkup”.

Unexpected Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding outside your menstrual cycle can be an early sign of uterine cancer. Rectal bleeding can indicate colon cancer.

Unexpected Weight Loss

If you’re not on a diet and you notice you’re losing lots of weight, then you should be concerned. One of the reasons for this unexpected weight loss can be a tumor.

Unexplainable Lumps

Anytime you notice a new lump or a change in the old lump, you should be in the doctor’s office. Breast lumps are indicators for breast cancer.

Constant Difficulties While Swallowing

This is a symptom for 2 types of cancer, throat cancer or gastrointestinal cancer.

Experts say that if people have had any of these symptoms for a long period of time, they must do a checkup, because early detection is the key to fight cancer!